Surf Lessons for Beginners

Those who want to rapidly learn to surf their first wave in secure conditions are at the right place at G04SURF.
Step by step, you will learn the key basics of surfing in conformity with the DWV (German Surf Federation) cursus.
You will be hooked after your first training session as you learn to stand up and start riding the waves. You will be begging for more!
We will teach you the different techniques so as you can get passed the closeout and into the line up to hop on your first wave. Within a few days you will be riding countless waves in pure bliss!

A complete surf lesson requires some theoretic exercises to    gain fundamental knowledge of the ocean.
How rips and currents are formed, the tides, how to read and understand weather charts, choice of equipment and what a perfect wave is.
The 4 hours of practical training, video coaching and countless tips are brought to you by a team of qualified and certified surf instructors who are trained by the German Surf Federation.