Food and Drinks

We cook together. This saves you money and it is sociable anyway.

Organizationally, we run according to the number of participants in cooking groups together. We ask each participant to pay 70, - € for the food from Sunday evening to Friday evening in the cash register. The menus are planned together. Since we have a lot of experience, we give suggestions on what can be cooked. Vegetarian, vegan food and all other food specialties are seen as an asset and respected. The shopping is done by a team member from the camp. It just has to be cut and the wooden spoon stirred.

From 2018 we will cooperate with Biofarm Benico. So we buy most of the fruits and vegetables from the local organic farm.

We also buy eggs and poultry from a local dealer whose chickens are all out in the fresh air. An ecologically sustainable diet is very important to us.

It is planned big breakfast with cereals, fruit salad, cheese, cold meats, jams and eggs and what else belongs to it.

In the evening between 19 and 20h will be eaten. Our Dewise says it must be tasty, balanced and plentiful, so that after the many paddles you are full and happy.

Enjoy the meal.

Participation / Food and Drinks 2018 for 6 Days

  Adult -13 Years -9 Years -5 Years
Full Board 70 € 60 € 50 € 30 €

Meal plan 

Jour Di Lu Ma Me Je Ve Sa
Déjeuner O O O O O O -
Diner O O O O O O -

O: Oui